Easier Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents and Employers

In the last few years, owning and carrying a cell phone has become a way of life. Nowadays, people seem to not be able to function properly without their precious phone, and this is especially true fo10r younger kids and teens. Cell phones are now even handed out to employees by businesses so they are able to conduct company tasks and stay in contact.

With that, there are plenty of different reasons why parents and employers opt for cell phone monitoring software, and many of these reasons are brought on without malicious intent. Mostly parents and employers are more concerned with protecting their children, employees, and the properly they’ve purchased for them to use.

To better keep track of the activities taking place on their cell phones, parents and employers can install cell phone monitoring software such as Mobile Spy onto the cell phones they have provided to their kids and employees. After installation directly onto the cell phone to be monitored, this monitoring software helps make sure the phone is being used properly. Below is a quick list of some of the outstanding monitoring features offered by the Mobile Spy software:

Available Monitoring Features

  • Web History: View a list of all web sites visited on the monitored phone.
  • SMS Texts/Call Info: Users are able to view complete logs of all incoming and outgoing SMS texts and call history.
  • Photos/Videos: Monitor all photos and videos taken using the cell phones camera.
  • GPS Locations: Keep track of a list of GPS locations wish a link to a map to pinpoint the exact location of the phone.
  • Social Networking Logs: Monitor activities on social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and even YouTube.
  • Apps Installed: Parents and employers can view a list of all apps installed on the cell phone including preloaded and downloaded apps.
  • Block Apps: From the list of apps installed, users can now even block apps they don’t want kids and employees to have access to.
  • LIVE Control Panel: As an optional add-on, parents and employers can view the screen of the monitored cell phone in real time, and can get instant GPS locations. Users also will have access to remote SMS commands to lock/unlock the phone, get SIM info, and more.

Cell phones are now an integral part of our everyday way of life in our homes and at work. Thanks to high tech monitoring software such as Mobile Spy, parents and employers can keep up with what is going on a lot easier, and see exactly what their phones are being used for when they are not around.

More Kids Own New iPhone; Don’t Forget Monitoring Software

There are quite obvious reasons why there is a possibility that more kids could now own an iPhone. As Apple’s new iPhone 5C is selling at a price of $99 under a carrier contract that could easily lure many tween, teens and young kids to asking their parents to get them at least one iPhone if not many! The problem is parents would find it tough to delay their smartphone use and many younger kids will start owning these powerful handy computers a lot sooner.

Why an iPhone only?

Well for starters, it’s Apple and they get the sundries attention. If in case you are on a budget then since Apple has brand new iPhones selling across the globe, the older ones are available for less or even free under a contract. The new iPhone 5C becomes a budget phone in many families and a preferred choice.

Get your iPhone 4S and enjoy the new iOS 7

It’s true as this will work if you are looking for a decent camera (actually very powerful), great interface, Apple brand name and want to keep the cost low. Apple recently made its new iOS 7 available for download which gives a very NEW feel to any new or existing iPhone.

Let’s wrap-up some features of iOS 7

The new iOS 7 brings with it a more fluid feel (can take some time though) and despite the flat view it has 3D view for safari tabs. A better Control panel for quick toggles for camera, flashlight, calendar, calculator and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lock, airplane mode and do not disturb modes (quite like Android).  The home screen has more accent colors where text has been given more importance to emphasize content and utility.

Now access the spotlight search from any active window and search any app easily. Add custom alert ring tones, change text size for easy readability, quickly close/swipe tabs in safari, block numbers, see time stamps for each iMessage, folders are numbered to add X number of apps now, Siri now can answer in female voice, change settings and more.

Should you upgrade?

Of course! It is the time because after one year the iPhone 5C or the iPhone 5S will become outdated. OK, well on a serious note, adults and young alike will be definitely buying the new iPhone seeing the current craze and line up of people at the iPhone’s launch in NY which saw an 83% increase than last year according to analysts.

Hey, but please don’t forget this….

Alright we heard it that the new iPhone 5S has finger print ID and is also protected by a pass code. We also know how kids could miss use the phone when someone is fast sleep or how a cat’s paw could switch on the phone. Despite all this, there is a far cry about keeping kids and teens safe online. I suppose you know what the dangers of online interactions are and to combat and minimize the damage parents and even employers must install a robust iPhone monitoring software like Mobile Spy that helps keep both the phone and the users in line! It will take some time for the Mobile Spy software to become available for iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S (on iOS 7), however still the older versions are completely compatible.

Monitoring with Right Apps and the Importance of Internet

Have you ever wondered how these monitoring applications really work? How is someone able to monitor the other remotely? It is surely no magic and things are not taking place in vacuum. For anything extraordinary to work, one thing that is surely required is people making that happen. For a tracking application to work, it requires years of building the right code that works in most cases and gets you the information to keep your data and people safe.

For a great automobile to work it requires engineering and at the same time it doesn’t work without knowledge of applied sciences and research and development. The monitoring software like Mobile Spy works on the phone and then parses the information to the administrator.  And the need to monitor is felt everywhere from work offices, to homes, to schools and administrations. There are two things that I am trying to point out here in this post: one the need to have internet (fast speed) and different ways to track phone GPS and other is communication decency act of 1996.

The Internet and its Speed

It is one thing to have great smartphones and tablets with good processors. The other is to have a decent Internet connection. The previous day I was trying to communicate with a friend on Facebook, and the Internet kept disconnecting! The problem was that I thought my messages had gone to the recipient however unless a connection is established, it is not possible for the person to receive my messages.

The importance of data connectivity is huge and we need to keep in mind that most times connectivity is poor in basements and far flung areas. Without any internet, the logs can’t be transferred to one’s online panel either. Then there are two or three ways; the GPS tracking can take place. One is the service provider (whenever u receive/sent text or call), cell towers and the inbuilt GPS in most cell phones.

In case a software is unable to establish a connection with the phone GPS (which is the most accurate), then the cell tower details can be recorded in case the phone is not reachable via call. The best situation to track the GPS details of any phone is when both the service provider coordinates are available (which only the service provider can provide on request) and the GPS of the phone can be called instead of the cell towers.

The CDA of 1996 and the Freedom of Speech Act

The communication decency act states that despite people have freedom of speech as a constitutional right, they are not allowed to speak in obscenity, indulge in slander, broadcast or process objectionable content during prime time when kids can easily view such content. The other is that since all websites require a hosting / collocation provider, these providers are free from any legal responsibility in how the third parties use their services. That is why we see classified site backpage.com with child sex ads. The other website Craigslist took off such ads voluntarily as a Good Samaritan act (due to pressure from many individual states’ attorney generals).

It is only time that we don’t create more avenues for child sex offenders such as on the internet. Smartphone monitoring apps like Mobile Spy will help block applications, log all websites accessed, emails, photos/videos texts, chats/IM and GPS. It is important parents and employers ensure that everyone use the internet wisely so that we can enjoy our current freedom of speech to comply with the decency of communication as well.

Social Media Week and the Young as its Celebrants

It would be adept to say that teens and the young use social media the most. The social media week which started from June 30 will 7th of July 2013 was celebrated by the many SM enthusiasts across the globe. The tools social media has created for all and sundry have becomes their voice and way of communication. Let’s look at a few major changes and numbers.

Photos as Communication Tool

Yes, it is true that photos can’t be replaced with short videos currently. We see million of photos are being added daily on the internet’s many social media and networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Google+ and email services like Gmail.

Text messages on cell phones are continuously slowing down and use of pictures, multi media photos or videos) or MMS is becoming the trend. According to CTIA, the trade associations for the wireless industry stated that 2.19 trillion text messages were sent and received in 2012 at 5% less than last year. On the other hand, photos and videos grew by 41 percent to 74.5 billion in 2012.

Furthermore researchers at IDC have determined that by 2015, the global digital information can reach eight trillion gigabytes v/s four trillion gigabytes of 2012. As kids are sending photos and using Facebook comments in substitute of words or as an add-on, there are chances that teenagers can also send objectionable and sexy photos.  Monitoring software like Mobile Spy will track their communication taking place through pictures and videos.

The New Face of Social Media

The new face of social media is that it is definitely stronger than before. During the social media week (2013), according to Peek Analytics, some 118,000 people tweeted about social media and around 20,000 mentions were recorded just on June 30. The apps market has grown in big numbers and there is no doubt that a better way to do things is with apps for kids.

During the social media week, experts and volunteers tried to make social media viable for all generation, there were discussions, short classes, and even few totally new users had taken part that have never tweeted before. We need that technology shouldn’t just be a young man’s game but also elders and parents much adopt it and benefit from its very services.

The New Tools

The introduction of super computer such as the Tianhe-2 that can process 600 terabytes of data on just 1,024 of its 16,000 computing nodes will take computing to extreme next levels. There are radio apps for customers who can now hear music from any county or country via these apps.  Those who love their iPhone for all purpose including for taking photos, have clip on telephoto lens attachment as a good, multi talented investment that can give users optical zoom , more longer depth of field,  less grain in photos while cropping and cut down on unwanted reflections. These are just the icing on the cake and the tools for the tech savvy are plenty. The Mobile Spy is a robust mobile monitoring app that records and logs calls, contacts, chats, IMs, websites, emails, GPS, photos/videos and give comes with more than ten remote commands through its Live Control Panel like to remotely hear surroundings and stealthily take clicks from phone camera.

Kids Monitoring Program as ‘Help’ During Summer Break

There was a campaign recently, where it depicted how parents and employers could use electronic gadgets for better knowing their kids and employees. It was where by intentional exchange of smartphones (provided you have the same device), one can actually see how busy their kids or employees are and how their day gets spent attending numerous calls, chatting or other smartphone activities.

Well the trouble with this kind of exchange is that first family members don’t quite have the same model of cell phones and second they have different protective phone covers (to keep safe from accidents), or password access to their gadgetry. So the advertisement again remains a fake model with a great concept that today smartphones carry a bundle of information and a grasp of these devices will reveal a lot.

Summer Break, if it could Be Every Day for Kids

We see and understand kids love to party at any chance they get at it and this is exactly what young do when they are on their summer break. They spend hundreds of dollars during their summer fiesta in places like Las Vegas, Daytona Beach and South Padre Island which otherwise are just normal places for the rest of the year. Most parents would not even like the sight of such beach parties when revelers go weak on their feet.

Then there are boys who click photos of girls and make videos of them without supervision. Here we see again how their gadgetry can sign us of what they are doing and how bad they are indulging themselves under the slogans like the “Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once” concept that they are so keen on ruining their lives. With Mobile Spy cell monitoring software such summer break activities can be kept in check with logging of calls, SMS texts, photos, videos, emails, chats, GPS locations and more.

Authorities Say They Have the Experience to Handle It

The authorities at these places back themselves by saying, if teens and young kids don’t have their option they would go elsewhere and they do a better task at it as they know what to expect. So it is clear kids do things the wrong way a lot at such summer break parties. Even a single photo can reveal to a parent that their kids are in real trouble with Mobile Spy and that is essential for securing immediate help that only a parent can provide. Such activities can take place at anytime and anywhere, and with the right kind of monitoring in place both parents and employers can ensure that the thin line is not crossed between good times and good ethics during the summer months and the rest of the year.

Cell Phone Theft and what’s Hot?

It seems we have gotten ourselves into a cycle of losing cell phones and then buying new ones. According to a finding, Americans loose at least one cell phone per year. Now let’s look at what we do when we lose our beloved cell phone and our undying hope of finding it someday.

We first try and locate it by numerously calling on the phone despite it being switched off. Then after the next morning, we come to terms with our cell phone being lost/stolen and then reporting it. We may call the carrier about it being lost, sent a text message to the unknown owner for returning it and a contact address and may be even update the police about it so that it can be registered under the directory of lost phones. So it really ends there and we are just leave it to fate from there.

Here Are a Few Myth Busters:

Know who really care for your loss: If you think that mobile manufacturers of smartphones like iPhone, Android phones, and BlackBerry phones phones care about your loss then you are highly incorrect. If they at all cared they could have perhaps changed their OS and tweaked them in order to become ‘bricks’ after a phone is reported lost/stolen. However neither the government nor the cell phone manufacturers are keen on taking serious measures because they are not thinking about this issue as their problem. A little data would clear this further that the current cell phone market is very high income with sales bringing in $69 billion last year and it solely is going to increase with more mobile thefts. It is surely your money that is on fire!

Any national database will get you your phone back: We have heard about the national database of stolen cell phones and it is still in infant state as it has not been followed by all carriers. The problem with it is that despite a number being registered under it, there are ways thieves can manipulate even the IMEI number which is its unique tracking #. These mobile thieves can be organized and even not organized, technically sound or not, financially capable or not but when these phones reach a second hand mobile market, those people have all three of these: money, knowledge and process which is very organized.

Mobile thieves are adults: It can be a teen, adult, poor or middle income person as well. They can be amateur or a professional or even a known person in some cases.

Stolen devices will be surely found one day: Many of the stolen cell phones are sold overseas to countries like Vietnam, China and Mexico. Once these phones are outside of US law it is impossible to trace them. Few major flea markets have become a common place for second hand smartphones where thousands are sold without warranty and those cell phone almost become as new ones with changed IMEI #.

Things can only change if government passes legislation where modifying phone’s identification becomes illegal. Another important thing that parents and employers who own the mobile phone and give it to kids and their employees should know is that they should install cell phone monitoring software like Mobile Spy that records and logs mobile phone activity and also provides details of GPS locations for any time interval desired. See all logs for calls, contacts, emails, chats, photos, IMs, websites and even find the lost phone with its instant GPS information.

Reasons for a Company to Monitor Employees at Work

Most people have been to fish markets and they are buzzing with energy and chaos most of the time. The history of fish markets goes back to Greece when these fish markets were considered to be public spaces where large number of people would gather and discuss events, local politics and socialize. It wouldn’t be a much different scene of events if companies today don’t consider installing some monitoring software for their employees.

Internet Management

We have different kinds of management at play like the senior management, middle management or supervisory management and then the styles of management like democratic, autocratic, and consultative and Laissez Faire Management style; but now we need Internet Management at work as well. The law has not mandated employee tracking however they do support the cause in the favor of employers in many situations like data manipulation, stealing from the company, lawsuits, Intellectual thefts and cyber-espionage.

Give Prior Notice and Get Acceptance User Policy

Most countries have a legal requirement to inform employees if they are going to be monitored. It is rather best to always ask employees to read and sign documents about how their computers or phones will be monitored and that they are responsible for their internet, email, chats and downloading usage when using work devices. By making them aware of why and what you are going to be monitoring ensures you are legally monitoring employees.

Focused Monitoring

There is a difference between plan surveillance and proper monitoring. With a proper monitoring program in place to track and monitor employee smartphones, there will also be a need to chart out a plan of assimilating the data collected. What we need most is to check employees’ emails, chats, websites accessed, social networking logs of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and photos/videos , calendar entries, GPS logs, tasks, apps on the employee company mobile phones and contacts/call logs as well.

We don’t need to worry about a few websites that they check for ailments, travel or stuff out of general curiosity. With a robust employee mobile phone monitoring software like Mobile Spy, employers will be able to see every log and records with a date and time stamp and this way they will know how much time an employee has spent on a certain browser, website, apps, chat, email and calls.

Bolster your Case Against Infractions

As per recent surveys, at least two thirds of companies monitor employees and half have fired employees for email and internet violations. There could be many cases of violations like employees could be doing their school work, signing deal with their own customers when they are getting paid to work for an employer and even employees downloading porn on company smartphones. Some employees will never change their unscrupulous ways and this is when Mobile Spy will make defaulters less immune to not getting detected by management.

Ensure Compliant Workforce

Most employees work for eight hours and during that time it is important that they follow rules and policies regarding every company detail right from conduct, correspondence, interactions and dealing with clients and company data. With the excellent and stealth mobile phone monitoring program Mobile Spy, an employer will ensure proper employee internet use, email use, network use and increased productivity as well. This monitoring tool is compatible with major mobile OS like Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry as well.

The Need to Stand Up for the Silent and Bullied

Our kids are on their own once they leave the house for their college dorms. Getting bullied can become inescapable for kids during school days. However, we need our kids to know their worth right when they step into their own rooms or even out of the home at all times. Most average kids have an identity crisis at a young age because they haven’t proved themselves yet and are still learning.

I remember a time, my friend’s young brother who was very open to me, just couldn’t interact with a common friend. Later, he said that he didn’t know what happened to him. What I could understand was that he was just a bit nervous. Some kids stumble more and remain with studies than other kids, or perhaps are more inclined towards other activities. That is when they need, the support of their parents. First and foremost, we need to know what kids love and this is possible with an awesome and safe parental control browser for kids. So that it doesn’t allow tweens and teen to surf social networking websites and chat on apps that are not good for them.

Then since their entire web surfing is recorded, parents will be able to see what they are interested in and what is going on in their heads. Most people who get bullied in their childhood, and/or start bullying someone else. Parents also need to watch out for how much reality TV shows kids are watching. According to a recent study, it was found that there is a direct link to the extent of bullying on TV that our kids see. Many programs promote fighting and many girls start looking at consumerism as a key to their popularity and may start humiliating other girls for being outdated and less fashionable.

We need to learn from cyber bullying that it is the worst nightmare for any parents, one wrong incident can devastate kids and parents for a long time. In one incident, a young boy was bullied and humiliated for 2 years, finally one day when he couldn’t take it anymore and he committed suicide. After almost a year, even today, his parents feel the pain and the loss of their dear son. They have a mission statement now of spreading the word of how to fight back against cyber bullies and put a stop to it.

Bullying happens offline and online as well and it includes verbal abuse, texts, online comments, emails, fake Facebook pages, rumors and much more. As our children’s smartphones are now used for practically everything from calls, texts, chats, social networking like Facebook, Twitter, emails, apps and for storing photos and videos, we can find very important details after monitoring their smartphones activities. With SmyleSafe browser, parents will get to know everything. Moreover, they will be able to stop the worst from happening. Parents will be able to block websites, issue time restrictions, see GPS logs, and filter content as per age of their child. With instant email alerts in place, they will be notified if someone is using abusive language or if they are accessing the inappropriate websites online.

With a mobile safe browser like SmyleSafe in place, parents and their kids can be safe from the many dangers of the present world through smartphones.

iPhone Spy Software Helps Parents Become Aware of Hidden Drugs

Today’s advanced mobile monitoring software can actually help parents grow an extra pair of eyes through the iPhone of their kids. Super human technology like PhoneSheriff can actually help you find out if your kids are hiding drugs from you. The software encapsulated into a small pill (with the help of nano-tech) is swallowed by parents. Within minutes, it starts showing its results giving heightened sensory abilities like X-ray eyes, evolved sixth sense, auditory senses enhanced to listen to those whispers in the other room. The everyday fabric of life becomes a fascinated tale of regular life completely altered by technology.

Doesn’t it sound unbelievable? Yes. There is no such mobile monitoring technology which is developed through nano-tech till date. Adding to the science-fictional drama, PhoneSheriff definitely does not offer any pill to be gulped down with superhero features for parents. But when you are a parent of a potentially drug addict kid, it’s normal to desire for such super powers to keep tabs on him. Yet PhoneSheriff can keep tabs on any young iPhone user just by installing it in the phone and checking all activity logs from any web browser remotely. It seriously doesn’t require to be consumed!

For many people, buckling drug addiction is a hard pressing issue especially with young kids. Not forgetting last year’s case of a four-year-old in Connecticut handing out bags of marijuana from his bag after telling his teacher they wanted to share in front of the whole class. The stigma of being parents to drug addict or eating-disorder kids is hard to accept. Every parent wants to do their job complete by getting them into a good college. Every parent would want to stand up and say to others, “I raised my kids the right way without any addiction and they’re going to college.” But it is very hard to bear the burden of the remorse that drug addiction has slowly permeated into your kids’ lives.

I have seen my friend draining his emotional and mental wellness after correcting his drug abused child. He was so slammed to disaster by witnessing everything yet unable to catch hold of the pot that his child could get his hands to. The child lied and hid the bad stuff in unimaginable places like lipstick containers, highlighters or pens, beneath toilet tanks etc. But his parents did not choose to just bust all those hiding spots. They preferred to get to the root cause of the issue and stomp it out. Coming out of the denial phase, he opted for a smarter solution. After purchasing and installing an iPhone spy software like PhoneSheriff, he actually got his child out of the substance abuse habit.

PhoneSheriff secretly showed all his communication with the drug dealer with whom his son got the drug supply. Since he was all isolated from his friends and befriended the nasty stuff, it was not difficult for my friend to see and identify the actual offender. With all SMS texts and call logs captured from his son’s monitored iPhone, they had acquired a lot of evidence about the offender. After contacting the local county sheriff, the offender was convicted of the charges pressed against him.

Today the boy has evolved out of his substance abuse and eating disorder with which he was suffering a year back. PhoneSheriff had saved the day and a family from wrecking without requiring any super powers.

How to Keep Digital Monsters Away from Your Child

Lying on the side table of your kids’ bed post, can the smartphone your child loves be a digital monster in disguise? Can it just change its shape and cause your child harm? Is it reality or just some fantasy movie storyline? Is it true that like your child used to get frightened being too small from the shadow of a bare and pointy tree outside the window those monsters are here to get them now? With the ongoing cyberbullying and sexting cases with child victims, it seems that the modern day ghosts for Halloween have been replaced by smartphones and other mobile devices.

When your child is small enough to get scared at nights sleeping alone and you have surely got a sweet little frightened child to take care of, turning on the lights for a few seconds could give them some relief that could fade away all frightful proportions of scary shadows on the walls of the room. At least you were physically patrolled into their rooms when they were small and alone at night. But now, when they are away and always on the go, it is hard to have that same relief. It seems that every night that same terror gets you worrying about your child and their safety.

Parents need to acknowledge such modern day digital monsters such as predators, online pedophiles, cyber bullying, trolls, sexting, etc. When kids grow up, those imaginary ghosts take another form especially when they start carrying a smartphone. Let’s shed some light on each of the above realistic monster that might be awaiting kids online.

  1. Child predators or online pedophiles: Thanks to the advanced smartphones of today, it is easier to access social networks with the same convenience as on computer screens. If your child is a frequent user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, chat rooms, etc. then it is likely that he or she might come across somebody who could be interested in your child’s private info like gender, age, photo, school or college name and address. They could come masked as a similar aged boy or girl and would lure your child to meet in person after certain casual friendly chats.
  2. Cyber bullying: Bullying is an age-old evil that has always remained in the school or college corridors with changing faces. Now it has emerged with some lethal ways of technology that is affecting many kids. Cyber bullying through sending texts, emails or any social media that supports exchanging posts, etc. A survey by Opennet found that if your child is an extensive user of mobile devices then it is likely that either they are bullied or they are bullying someone else. Likely symptoms include if your kids start remaining secluded from others, hide their smartphone or online activities like texts or emails, etc. It is established that cyber bullying through smartphone use can cause long-term emotional scars, especially in young minds.
  3. Pornography: Be it a professional surgeon, dock worker or professor in university, porn addiction augmented by the internet can break the moral and social lives of anybody. Yet kids are naive and innocent with unmarked thoughts, once started with curiosity and peer pressure it might mold their brains into an addiction. Watching porn through a smartphone can lead to drastic changes in sexual sensory levels and alter them for a very long time.

The Opennet survey indicates that 70 percent of parents trust to set up rules for safe mobile monitoring and 14 percent of them install a potential mobile monitoring software like Mobile Spy with high trust levels on the technology. This also tells us that installing a smartphone tracking software also leads to a stronger parent-child relationship in the later stages of their lives.

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