From Cartoon Characters to Other Innovations; Big Brother Is Everywhere

The most funny and human personification of an animal comes in the form of the famous and most loved cartoon characters like the Mickey Mouse that wears red shorts, white gloves and large yellow shoes. Since he was created and till today his character hasn’t changed but his ways and the whole Disney World experience is changing keeping in view the aspects of connectivity, simplicity, creativity, innovations and eventually the problem of security.

People can use their credit cards; use it as a hotel room key and basically use it as a one stop-shop for all needs. With radio frequency identification wristbands, getting a “My Magic+ or the Fast Pass+” would be a click away (one could even register months before online) and people would be able to reserve their spot for fireworks, snaps and parades by using these Magic Bands. Data that will be collected over time will be definitely more voluntary as people are willing to provide that information to them. However just as the statutory warning goes with using such a band is the same in every situation, “you are responsible for keeping the RF card safe and secure.”

A victim becomes a victim only when he/she is exposed to a situation. While writing this post I can be completely safe however if I don’t pay heed to what I say or do online I can easily face the bad music. The internet has exaggerated many facets today about connectivity and innovation and so it has also caused much defeat. There is defeat as kids are falling into traps, becoming obsessed of their online lives and devices, porn, gambling, drugs (buying it online and making groups) and even gaming habits that reach a breaking point. It is so easy to conjure up an image of what we are talking about here as we see this happening right in a home’s every day. All parents must unravel children from technology once in a while and have standards around it with time limits and filters to prevent over usage.

Even Mickey’s big bro Oswald has got a makeover of a more abstruse kind and a comeback that is synonymous with 2013 role playing. Just like our kids who are sometimes less than well behaved, quicker to anger, more mechanically bent and a little more adventurous, he has his personality set for the right audience. The dynamics of gadgets, games, apps and internet has changed and so have our children.

However monitoring them wisely remains a perfect decision as no one is in a position to herald what bad can happen next, will it be our kids, our family, our friends or worse? By installing an effective mobile parental monitoring software like Mobile Spy, parents give themselves a chance to outstrip predators and teens online goof ups. The Mobile Spy software has immense controls on all calls, SMS texts, websites, email, GPS details, photos/videos, social networking logs of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, apps installed and great remote access to the child and the smartphone. Once parents know what kids are doing online they are in a suitable position to filter the bad from their online and non virtual lives.

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