PhoneSheriff Review

PhoneSheriff is iPhone spy software for parents and employers. Designed to closely keep tabs on what kids and employees are doing on the iPhone they have provided for good reason. If you suspect your child or employee is excessively using or abusing their iPhone privileges, this spy software can be a valuable tool in helping you find concrete proof of your suspicions.

In order for the PhoneSheriff iPhone spy software to work properly, you must first install it directly onto the iPhone you wish to monitor. (The iPhone needs to already have gone through the “Jail Breaking” process before installation, or the software cannot be installed) After the software is installed, users can either log into the PhoneSheriff interface on the iPhone to view recorded information, or they can log into an online account.

iPhone spy software offers a great amount of monitoring features to help keep you informed of how your iPhone is being used by your kids or employees. A short list of some of the logging features is described below.


  • Call Logs: A detailed list of all incoming and outgoing calls with numbers and date/time stamps.
  • GPS Locations: GPS locations of the phone uploaded on a predetermined interval. Can be set as low as every 10mins.
  • SMS Texts: Full text of all sent and received SMS text messages.
  • Emails: All inbound and outbound emails are recorded from the phone’s primary email account.
  • Photos/Videos: Each photo and video taken by the iPhone camera is recorded and uploaded.

The PhoneSheriff spy software also offers filtering options to give parents and employers more control over how and when the phone is used. Here is a brief summary of some of those features.


  • Call/SMS Blocking: Block any number from being able to contact the iPhone for calls, texts or both.
  • Website Blocking: Enter any websites you do not want the phone to be able to access.
  • Time Restrictions: Lock the iPhone during certain times throughout the day. You can lock the all activities or just the ability to make calls during this time.
  • SMS Commands: Send a silent command to receive SIM card info, instant GPS location or to lock the iPhone at any time from your own phone.

For a complete list of all iPhone spy features, click HERE.

PhoneSheriff Compatibility

The PhoneSheriff iPhone spy software is compatible with major smartphone operating systems such as iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Before purchasing, make sure to check the Compatibility List to ensure your phone and its version is compatible with this spy software.


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